Interact Club at Ysgol Cwm Brombil

Last Updated: 25th November 2020

During the last six months, the school Interact Club has launched. This has been a challenging time in the community and it has forced the school to work in new ways. Despite all of the difficulties the pupils of the school have overcome problems to establish the Interact Club and to raise money for good causes.

On Friday 2nd October 2020, the Interact Club arranged a coffee morning for the Macmillan charity. During this coffee morning, pupils brought in cakes and many types of food to give during the coffee morning as well as donating money. Each pupil brought money in order to purchase a cake, croissant or other treat. Each student paid at least £1 to purchase a delicacy which then contributes to the Macmillan charity. The treasures collected, counted and donated the money raised. The highest contribution was from Year 8. We are proud of Ysgol Cwm Brombil for raising £619.26 for the Macmillan Charity.

On Friday 23rd October 2020, the Interact Club organised the last day of school to raise awareness for Women’s Aid. Students paid £1 to participate in wearing non-uniform with the colours that represent the Suffragettes which were white, green or purple with black and yellow being optional colours to match with our school logo. The money was then donated to the Thrive Women’s Aid. Many of our pupils contributed a total of £652.29 towards Women’s Aid. Two Year 7 pupils made a presentation about Women’s Aid and a model.

We, as the interact club, thank everyone who has contributed towards Macmillan and Women’s Aid and hope to raise more awareness to issues around the world by creating events like non-uniform days if we continue to raise money and awareness like we have done in the past years! We are currently counting the funds raised for the Poppy Day and we are preparing the December event.