Enrichment at Ysgol Cwm Brombil is more than just extending our pupils learning. Our aim is to encompass our core values of Aspiration, Belonging and Character in order to enhance the overall wellbeing of our pupils. Our Enrichment programme presents pupils with a wide variety of activities, clubs and groups. These opportunities allow our pupils to try new things, socialise with their peers, learn to take care of their health and wellbeing, while enhancing their learning and life skills. Our Enrichment programme presents opportunities for all pupils, from all backgrounds and communities to take part reflecting the aims of our ‘Belonging’ initiative.

Our core values and school vision are central to everything we do, including Enrichment. The programme of activities, clubs and groups are key in developing our pupils in becoming ‘ambitious, capable learners’, ‘ethical, informed citizens’ and ‘healthy, informed citizens’. The concept that encompasses our vision and motivates our pupils and staff is:

Do more! Enjoy More! Be More!


Be ambitious and give new things a go. Try something different and push your boundaries. Some activities and clubs may get you additional qualifications and rewards.

Enjoy more! – BELONGING

New opportunities to make friends or enjoy something new with your friends. Fun and enjoyable environments. Develop better bonds with your teachers. Make memories and share good times with your school friends. Give back to the school and the wider community. Represent our community with pride.

Be more! - CHARACTER

Gain life skills and become more confident individuals. Help to develop further opportunities inside and outside of school.

Information for pupils, parents and carers

Buses will be provided on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday for afterschool enrichments activities and clubs. Pupils/Parents/Carers need to complete the ‘Booking Form’ via the school website to confirm required transport home. On the form you will be required to specify the destination where the transport is required for. The booking form will need to be completed 24 hours prior to the activity, allowing time for appropriate transport to be arranged.

Please complete the enrichment transport form below:

Enrichment Timetables - Primary to Year 11